Youth Homelessness can be ended.

With your help no other children will have to die today.


Our goal is to get everyone involved because we need your help, but more importantly, the youth need your help. Every night youth go to sleep on the streets wishing someone was there to help, wishing they didn’t have to be there. And they shouldn’t have to be there.

That's where you come in.



The issue of youth homelessness is huge, and it can get overwhelming, so don't think of helping everyone. You don't have to help everyone, but if all of us could help just one youth, imagine what we could do.

Start by talking to them

These youth feel forgotten, they feel invisible. If instead of just walking by them at your local gas station or convenient store, you just stopped to speak with them, it would make a huge difference. Let them know they’re not invisible, that there are people who do care, and perhaps they won’t give up.

Socks & Stuff

The smallest, most incidental items make a huge difference for these youth. Stuff like clean socks, toothpaste and tooth brushes, soap or anything like that are so useful. Many people make blessing bags, or care packages and just carry them around for when they see youth. There are many organizations local and national who you can get involved in who do just that. Invisible People, Knock Knock Give a Sock and
Hashtag Lunch Bag are just a few.

Join an Organization

There are many local and national organizations who are doing amazing work but all of them are understaffed and under funded. If you truly have a passion for helping homeless youth then perhaps volunteer at one of these organizations. Don’t know who they are? Check out our movement page and put in your city or zip code and we’ll tell you where they are.


If you just don’t have the time, perhaps you can donate to us. We are the only organization working to get the word out about this issue through media which is the most powerful, but also expensive, medium out there. We could use your help. And your help could have such a huge impact for these youth. Please donate what you can.

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Join The Movement

Our goal is to get everyone involved because we need your help, but more importantly, the youth need your help.

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