It is an unfortunate myth that most youth are on
the streets because of drugs.

The truth is most youth start using drugs because of the
stress, anxiety, and fear that comes with being not the streets.


It is an unfortunate myth that most youth are on the streets because of drugs. Through travelling the country, we've found that most youth are actually doing drugs as a coping mechanism to being on the streets as opposed to being on the streets because of drugs. When youth end up on the streets they're scared, unprepared, and in a state of panic.

When you're in this state, especially at a young age, the first thing you look for is safety. And most often this comes in the form of finding a group of people you can be around. And through peer pressure or the desire to fit in they generally will end up taking a drink or smoking a joint. They realize that if they don't, perhaps they won't be accepted; and the one thing you don't want to be on the streets, is alone.

Also, youth very quickly realize that it's most dangerous on the streets at night. You quickly learn that when you're asleep you are at your most vulnerable. It's easy for someone to rob you, or to rape you, or even worse, to kill you. So many youth turn to drugs like meth to stay awake at night.

Adversely, many youth will turn to marijuana or alcohol to help them sleep during the day.

No matter what the reason they start doing drugs, it is an unfortunate reality that once they start, many of these youth become addicts. And there is very little support for them on the streets to get clean. Which is why so many homeless youth become homeless adults, with a drug problem.

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